Here are the courses we are offering right now.

  • Learn Ruby
  • Learn SQL
  • Learn HTML (coming soon)
  • Learn CSS (coming soon)
  • Learn Tailwind CSS (coming soon)
  • Learn JavaScript (coming soon)
  • Learn Python (coming soon)
  • Data Structure (coming soon)

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CodeNewton is 100% free and it will remain 100% free forever.

Learn to code by actually coding

We believe that in order to learn coding one has to actually code. Person has to make mistakes and learn from it. CodeNewton is designed to have lots of interactive coding sessions.

In order to code you don't need to download anything. Everything runs in the browser itself.

All you need is a working Internet and a desire to learn coding.

Learning happens when we slow down to actually learn

Our society is obsessed with speed. People want to learn coding really fast. People who are teaching coding want the new person to learn coding really fast.

We believe we need to slow down

  • We believe that learning takes time.
  • We believe that learning takes patience.
  • We believe that learning takes practice.
  • We believe learning to code requires actual coding, making mistakes and debugging.
  • We believe learning is not linear. Learning does not happen in a straight path. People should be allowed to jump around, skip lessons and come back to them later. When reading a physical book we take a peek at coming lessons all the time. Same should be allowed while learning coding.

With these beliefs we have built CodeNewton.

Our course is structured to have simple lessons. Each lesson will attempt to teach one thing and one thing only. After each lesson there will be one or more exercises where the person needs to type the code. Each chapter will also have a few quizzes to ensure that the person actually understood the concept.

Object Oriented Design can wait

We were looking for online material to teach our kids how to code. There are plenty of good materials online. However one thing is common in all of them. They jumped into Object Oriented Design too soon.

We believe that using basic data structures like string, array, hash, range programming concepts can be taught very effectively. In fact we believe that creating a class, object, method, public method, private method all that gets into the way of learning how to program and takes the joy out of programming for someone who is just getting started.

We start with strong foundation. Until the foundation is strong Object Oriented Design can wait. It will have a day in the sun but it has to wait first.


CodeNewton is very privacy focused. We are trying to collect as little information about you as possible. This is why we are not asking for your email.

Who is building this

CodeNewton is built by BigBinary team.

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